Clarity even before the cycle

“Yes or No” is the premium pregnancy test from the pharmacy and is one of the most recommended branded products. The highly sensitive home test provides the reliable result of a possible conception conveniently, simply, safely and quickly. A concentration of just 10 mlU / ml of the human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine – the typical hCG pregnancy hormone – is sufficient for this early test.

The highly sensitive monoclonal antibodies detect the presence of the hCG hormone reliably and quickly up to a maximum of 7 days before the expected menstrual period. No long waiting for the cycle to fail, no uncertainty phase. Yes or No is the test that reacts with the highest sensitivity to the hCG pregnancy hormone and has a certainty of almost 100% when detecting the hormone.

  •  Type:  Chromatographic hCG test
  •  Sensitivity:  10 mlU / ml
  •  Application Time:   Up to a maximum of 7 days before the expected menstrual period
  •  Evaluation:  between 40 sec. to 5 min
  •  Accuracy:  over 99%
  •  Languages:  Instructions for use in German, English and Turkish
  •  Durability:  up to 42 months (please note the expiry date of the pack!)
  •  Storage Conditions:  Dry
Pack sizes
  •  Pharmacist Container:  variable
  •  Practice Container:  variable
  •  Consumer:  1/2 piece



The handling of the “Yes or No” early test is very easy. The result is clearly available after just 1 minute.

The test stick is simply moistened with urine. There are indicators on the test stick that change color upon contact with the hCG antigen. After just 1 minute, the result can be clearly read from the brightly colored discoloration on the window in the control zone. The optically displayed result is clearly understandable and can be used to judge “whether or not?” can be used.

Laboratory tests and clinical user studies show that tests with “Yes or No” give over 99% correct results.


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