UFIT European premiere

Monitor cardiovascular diseases online via app
European premiere UFIT – diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases online via app

Neckargemünd / Düsseldorf, November 15 , 2011 – MedVec International is presenting the non-invasive UFIT technology for the permanent diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases for the first time at this year’s MEDICA in Düsseldorf. In the second step, a non-invasive determination of glucose values ​​is made possible.

MedVec International GmbH, European sales partner of the listed American BioSign Technologies Inc., is presenting the non-invasive cloud technology UFIT for the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of cardiovascular diseases to the European specialist audience at Medica 2011 for the first time. Even the basic version UFIT-10-10 opens up completely new and more efficient ways to combat the rapidly increasing number of cardiovascular diseases (HVAC diseases) worldwide. The device not only enables early detection of arrhythmias, abnormal blood pressure and malfunctions. Via an online USB connection, the program also calculates a detailed cardiological risk and thus pursues three important therapeutic approaches at the same time: Monitoring the effectiveness of the therapy,


Effectively reduce healthcare costs

Our focus on the screening and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases is what is needed to improve the quality of life for many people around the world. At the same time, we are helping to effectively reduce steadily rising healthcare costs ” , explained in the run-up to the trade fair Dr. Scott Jenkins, BioSign CEO and former board member” Healthcare and Life “at Dell. ” Thanks to partnerships such as MedVec, we can work closely with local partners Decision-makers, health insurance companies and all those interested in the health sector work together. This also gives us the opportunity to offer individual solutions that also meet local needs. 

The second version UFIT-10-20, which will also be shown at Medica 2011 as a demo version, documents innovative performance. In the future, it will enable the determination of glucose values ​​- also non-invasively and therefore without taking blood by pricking your finger, using another device or test strips. BioSign is already working on displaying all values ​​via app on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad in the future.

Avoid costly interventions

In addition to other applications, the UFIT Health Monitor warns of cardiovascular disorders at an early stage and thus reduces costly interventions. The overall health progression and prognosis are also improved. “We are very pleased to be able to offer this new technology to our partners, the cost units and the entire German health market with all relevant organizations and companies”, says Knut Butzinger, founder and managing director of MedVec International.

With more than 352,000 deaths in 2010, cardiovascular diseases are still the most common cause of death and the largest cost factor in the health system.

In Germany alone, cardiovascular diseases currently cause annual costs of around 50 billion euros. With its innovative solutions, the UFIT offers patients, doctors and nursing staff as well as cost bearers completely new and cost-saving opportunities to obtain meaningful information about the condition and course of cardiovascular diseases. – says Knut Butzinger.

MedVec at Medica 2011 in Hall 3

In addition to the areas of application described, UFIT has a product pipeline for other health monitoring ring apps. MedVec International presented the non-invasive BioSign technology, including the UFIT® TEN-10 cardiovascular disease monitor, at this year’s Medica in cooperation with ulti med Products (Deutschland) GmbH in hall 3, booth 41.

About BioSign Technologies Inc.

The listed company BioSign Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: BIO) develops and produces innovative biomedical systems. Key applications are intelligent systems for non-invasive detection and monitoring of the most common health risks related to blood pressure, lifestyle and medication. The core technology combines measurement, analysis and immediate generation of relevant medical data that help people around the world with health control. UFIT ® technology enables high-quality data collection and analysis for clinical diagnostics, improvement of medical self-care, wellness, evaluation and management of diseases and remote patient monitoring.

Further information on BioSign is available at www.biosign.com


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