Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) about AFTER 10

The After 10 Early Pregnancy Test detects a hormone in your urine that your body produces during pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotrophm, hCG). Its concentration increases continuously within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The test can be used no earlier than 10 days after a possible conception.

It can be tested at any time of the day, but the morning urine usually has the highest hCG concentration.

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In laboratory tests as well as in clinical user studies, the After 10 early pregnancy test gave 99% correct results.

Drugs containing hCG (e.g. Pregnyl, Profasi, Pergonal, APL) can cause false positive results. There are also a number of diseases that cause hCG levels to rise. Alcohol, contraceptives, pain relievers, antibiotics, or hormone treatments without hCG will not affect the test result.

Your urine contains hCG and you are likely pregnant. Contact your doctor to confirm the result and for advice on what to do next.

There are some diseases that cause high levels of hCG, such as ectopic pregnancy or ovarian cysts.

The appearance of the control line (C) indicates that the test procedure was followed and that a sufficient amount of urine was used.

This means that no hCG has been found in your urine above the limit of detection and that you are probably not pregnant. If your period does not start within a week of the expected date, repeat the test. If you get negative results again and you still miss your period, please contact your doctor.

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  • This test provides a preliminary diagnosis of pregnancy. Do not draw any conclusions from this or make any medically relevant decisions without first consulting your doctor.
  • A number of diseases such as trophoblastic diseases and some non-trophoblastic neoplastic diseases such as B. some cancers such as breast cancer and lung cancer cause increased hCG levels.
    As a result, a positive test result cannot be considered pregnancy as long as such clinical pictures are not excluded.
  • Highly diluted, low-density urine specimens may contain disproportionately low levels of hCG. It is advisable to collect the morning urine after 48 hours and use it to repeat the test.
  • Very low hCG levels can be found in urine samples shortly after the egg cell has implanted. Since some pregnancies in the early stages are terminated by spontaneous abortions, it is advisable to collect the morning urine after 48 hours and use it to repeat the test.


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